The Ringe Group presents science modules at The Lighthouse of Houston

The Ringe Group visited the Houston lighthouse and presented science modules. The group was very excited and motivated, since the modules helped explain new scientific modules commonly explained by visual means to people with visual disabilities. There were 6 modules:

  • Eduardo Villarreal presented a module, originally made by Anthony Stender, entitled “Scale Analysis”, where he explained the concept of scaling and the metric system.
  • Ryan Newell, explained his module “The strength of materials”, where he talked about mechanical properties of materials.
  • Lauren McCarthy presented her module called “Electrical properties of materials”, where she used touch and sound to introduce the concepts of insulators, conductors and semiconductors.
  • Sarah Rehn explained the basics of how lenses focus light, and explained what astigmatism is.
  • Dayne Swearer presented a module prepared by Sofia Gereta, where he explained what are exothermic and endothermic reactions.
  • Anjli Kumar presented her module “The sound and feel of data”, where she demonstrated how graphical data can be understood using audible and tactile means.



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